Foot Spa At Home

A long day at work? Or had an intense leg day at your gym? We know the pain, and know exactly how to shoo away the stress in your feet! Worry not it doesn’t involve massage or spa appointments, all it takes is a few of your Kimirica products and a tub of hot water!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica


Take some hot water in a tub, ensure it is enough to soak your tired calves, keep a fresh towel nearby to dry once done! Keep your bath crystals, scrubbers, lotions, and paint ready! Put on your favorite playlist along with a scented Soy candle to get into the relaxing me-time vibe!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica


Get hold of your favorite Bath crystals - Whether your mood is bloomy, zesty, or romantic we have it all. Lavender lovers, soothing frangipani or zesty tangy tangerine, a salt for every salty mood! Add 6-8 tablespoon of your favorite bath salt into the water, sit back and relax for 20 to 30 mins and let the salt soak away all the muscle tensions! Kimirica bath crystals are enriched with Epsom Salt which helps in soothing sore muscles, sleep better, reduces stress, and much more!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica


Take your foot scrubber and put a coin size of your favorite scented nourishing Body Wash on, gently rub and scrub to cleanse and destress your feet. Use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin and make a place for fresh and smooth feet. The salt in the tub will also help in exfoliating deeply!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica


Dry thoroughly with a clean towel, and moisturize! Kimirica Hand Lotions (insert link) can do wonders on palms and feet too! Enriched with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, argan oil, etc these hand lotions will deeply heal and moisturize your tired feet! Give yourself a gentle massage and rub the lotion on the soles, cuticles, and calves. Enjoy relaxed and healthy feet!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica


As the cherry on top to your extra pampering foot spa, paint your nails with your favorite nail polish and walk the happy vibe wherever you go!

Enjoy relaxed happy feet with these easy to do at-home tips!