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A captivating journey into the world of Kimirica

Where passion meets purpose and innovation knows no bounds. Join us as we dive deep into the hearts and minds of the visionary founders – Mohit, Rajat, Kimi, and Rica Jain – whose unwavering commitment transformed their dreams into reality.

The Kimirica Story

Episode 1


Delve into the heartwarming love story behind Kimirica and witness the "Dreamers"-  Mohit, Rajat, Kimi, and Rica Jain’s vision come to life. Experience the love and dedication woven into every product, transforming self-care into an art form. From the power of plants to the depths of creativity, embark on an exploration of boundless dreams and relentless passion with Kimirica.

Episode 2


Discover the journey from humble beginnings to global recognition, as Mohit and Rajat share an emotional connection to their work and community. From hands-on involvement in every aspect of the business to their commitment to international standards, experience the personal touch that sets Kimirica apart. 

Join them as they invite you into their house, where passion, integrity, and pride in their craft reign supreme.

Episode 3


Through the eyes of Kimi and Rica, discover a commitment to self-care that transcends boundaries. From revolutionizing personal care with paraben-free formulas to championing transparency in ingredient sourcing, Kimirica sets a new standard for premium products. Join them as they redefine consumer expectations, offering a holistic experience that prioritizes wellness, ethics, and sustainability without compromise.

Episode 4


Discover how ethical values weave into the fabric of every decision of Kimirica, from sourcing ingredients to empowering its workforce. Join Kimi, Mohit, Rica, and Rajat as they express what it means to be environmentally and socially responsible in self-care. Experience their profound promise to people, the planet, and pets, as they strive to put good into the world.

Episode 5


Enter the house where noble practices and ancient wisdom converge, guiding Kimirica to make choices that prioritize excellence over convenience. Join Rica and Rajat as they delve into the fusion of Ayurveda with modern science, unlocking a realm where tradition meets innovation. Discover how Kimirica thrives in this golden space, leveraging the potency of Ayurvedic ingredients with the advancements of modern formulations offering you the best of both worlds. 

Episode 6


Embark on a thoughtful journey as the founders unveil the stories behind their exquisite collections, each inspired by cherished memories and beautiful experiences. With passion, they meticulously craft each collection with a sensory blend of signature fragrance, creative design, and plant-based ingredients. This intricate combination seamlessly translates their inspirations into beautiful self-care experiences, each narrating a distinctive story.

Episode 7


Step into the future with Kimirica as they unveil "The Next Chapter" of their journey. With plans for expanding retail stores and a state-of-the-art 100-acre carbon-neutral business park, Kimirica is leading the way in eco-conscious practices and cutting-edge technology. Join them as they continue to redefine self-care and write the next chapter of their love story.


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