organic hand wash liquid
organic hand wash liquid
Hand Wash for Dry SkinHand Wash for Glowing Skin

Passionate Fruit Hand Wash

₹299 ₹349 14% OFF
Bouquet Hand Soap 500 MLBouquet Hand Soap 500 ML

Bouquet Hand Soap 500 ML

₹719 ₹845 15% OFF
Organic Hand WashThe Gulistan Hand Wash

The Gulistan Hand Wash

₹739 ₹985 25% OFF
Bouquet Hand Soap 270 MLBouquet Hand Soap 270 ML

Bouquet Hand Soap 270 ML

₹389 ₹460 15% OFF
Natural Hand WashHand Wash for Soft Skin

Blooming Garden Hand Wash

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Hand Wash for Soft Skin Recommended by Kiara AdvaniBest Hand Wash

Bouquet Hand Soap Refill Pack

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How Holiday Smells Hand WashHow Holiday Smells Hand Wash

How Holiday Smells Hand Wash

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Hand Wash for Soft SkinBuy Hand Wash Online

Winter Amber Hand Wash

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How Holiday Smells Hand Soap Refill Pack

₹699 ₹999 30% OFF
Natural Hand Wash Recommended by Kiara AdvaniHand Wash & Hand Lotion for Winter

Winter Amber Hand Soap Refill Pack

₹699 ₹999 30% OFF

Frequently Asked Questions on Hand Wash

Our hands are frequently uncovered and unprotected, which exposes them to a variety of stressors like bacteria, chemicals, dirt, and UV exposure. Hence, to protect them from aging, irritation, redness, inflammation, etc., it’s essential to keep them clean and nourished, and this can be done best with the help of a suitable hand wash. 

Pamper your hands every day and give them the care they deserve with our best hand washes. They are SLS-free, have delightful scents, and are packed with plant-based formulas to gently cleanse and hydrate your hands, leaving them clean, nourished, and delicately scented. You can also opt for our beautiful caddy set that houses a hand care duo—natural hand wash and natural hand lotion. Our caddy set makes it easy to clean and moisturize hands in one go while also enhancing the aesthetics of any space.

Our Passionate Fruit hand wash will be perfect for you if you do not like floral fragrances. It is infused with the notes of papaya, apple, and peach for a fresh and fruity hand care experience. 

Many hand wash liquids are laced with different chemicals - one of which is SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). SLS helps soap to lather and remove dirt, but it also strips the skin of its natural oils and proteins, breaking down the skin barrier and making skin dry and dull. 

This is why we came up with our SLS-free line of hand washes. These products remove dirt & grime while retaining the skin’s natural oils. They restore the skin’s pH balance to aid in protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Our luxurious hand washes are thoughtfully formulated with potent, naturally-derived ingredients for exceptional cleansing and nourishment. Available in a wide range of beautiful fragrances, these SLS-free hand cleansing soaps help promote smooth, soft skin while retaining and maintaining the skin’s moisture levels.

Our liquid hand washes cleanse hands and help retain the skin’s natural oils, thereby preventing hands from becoming dry & dull. However, for extra nourishment and moisturization, you can go with our caddy sets that comprise a hand wash and a hand lotion. Our caddy set is an elegant option to take care of the two primary needs of hands—cleansing and moisturizing—right when they require it. 

You will definitely love ‘The Gulistan Hand Wash’  if you love the scent of roses. It is infused with the majestic notes of rose absolute and iris for a soothing and royal hand care experience.

Olive oil has great skin-nourishing qualities that help moisturize dry skin and offer deep nourishment, keeping the skin soft, supple, and healthy. It also helps increase skin elasticity and revitalizes & fortifies the skin barrier.

Yes, our hand cleansing soaps have a refill pack option - The Bouquet hand soap refill pack, and the How Holiday Smells hand soap refill pack. Refill and reuse your favorite hand washes with these easy-to-pour refillers.

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