Miami Nights Hand Cleansing SprayMiami Nights Hand Cleansing Spray by Kimirica
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Miami Nights Hand Cleansing Spray

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Kimirica Hand Cleansing Gel CollectionKimirica Hand Cleansing Gel Collection
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Kimirica Hand Cleansing Gel Collection

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hand cleansing spray collection by kimiricahand cleansing spray collection by kimirica

Kimirica Hand Cleansing Spray Collection

Rs. 809.00 Rs. 899.00

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Best Natural Hand Sanitizers

Why should I use Kimirica hand sanitizers?
Our 100% vegan and cruelty-free range of hand sanitizers are designed to enhance your hand hygiene. They are made using all-natural ingredients and 70% plant-based alcohol to provide your hands with utmost protection, care and love. These hand sanitizers are non-sticky and leave your hands delicately scented.

Are these hand sanitizers safe for all skin types?
Yes, our hand sanitizers are thoughtfully curated for all skin types, they are completely safe to use.

Do you test products on animals?
No, just like you, we are animal lovers too, and we keep our beloved furry friends safe.

What benefits can I expect from these hand sanitizers?
Our intensely moisturizing hand sanitizers show some extra love and care to your beautiful hands. Apart from keeping germs at bay, these hand sanitizers leave your hands cleansed and soft.

What about the alcohol content in these sanitizers?
These hydrating hand sanitizers are made using 70% plant-based alcohol.
I'm looking for a hand sanitizer with floral fragrances, any suggestions?
Infused with the notes of roses and red apples Pink Caribbean Clouds Hand Cleansing Spray makes a perfect choice for those who love floral fragrances.

I travel for work, do you have any travel-friendly pack?
We have something for everyone. Meet your travel companion, Hand Cleansing Gel Collection. It is a set of five amazing hand cleansing gels with unique fragrances. These sanitizer gels come in a travel-friendly pack, making it easy for you to carry them around on the go.