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Article: Vitamin E: A Rockstar Ingredient For All Your Skin Woes!

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Vitamin E: A Rockstar Ingredient For All Your Skin Woes!

Vitamin E- Powerhouse of Goodness! Yes, we are sure you’ve heard this often and obviously for all the right reasons! Most of us are aware that Vitamin E is a wonder ingredient for skin and hair; little do we realize that if we pay attention, dig deep and find out what actually makes it oh-so-hyped, we are sure you would surely find yourself updating your skincare regime with Vitamin-E in a jiffy! Let’s begin. 

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What Is Vitamin E?

The Skin-Vitamin better known as Vitamin E is a naturally occurring antioxidant (what is an antioxidant?). It is a warrior that fights against free radicals (the baddies in the environment), that can cause skin damage, brown spots and ultimately dullness. Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant here comes to your rescue; it not just protects you from harmful UV Rays but also gives you skin that feels soft, supple and oh-so-nourished. That’s not all; say goodbye to wrinkles as Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory & wound-healing properties that naturally slow down the signs of ageing. Now, you know why we obsessively call it a ROCKSTAR INGREDIENT!

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Also, it’s a powerful emollient that makes a great way to get rid of dirt, grime while maintaining your skin’s oil’s balance. Not just this, talking about its benefits for hair, this wonder Vitamin prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth. It’s deeply moisturising and thus makes your tresses look shiny and beautiful; you can step out feeling confident every day.

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Healthy Skin, Happy Hair, Good Lives! What more do you look for?! YES, Vitamin E gives you more and so do we at Kimirica, with a varied range of bath and body treats infused with the goodness of Vitamin E making you fall in love with yourself the natural way! No harsh chemicals, no parabens, no sulphates...JUST PURE LOVE!

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Here's the gist: On its own, Vitamin E is a magic wand for all-round skincare and with this, Kimirica brings to you a varied range of personal care products ranging from body lotions, to shower gels to shampoos that contain the goodness of Vitamin E to take care of you and your skin.