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Article: Tried, Tested & Trusted: 8 Hair Conditioner Hacks


Tried, Tested & Trusted: 8 Hair Conditioner Hacks

A conditioner is a key to having great hair. It locks in the moisture so your hair always shines. But have you ever thought about OTHER WAYS to use it? Read on to find out some uber-cool uses for hair conditioner to up your self-care game!

Make-up Removal

For times when you run out of your makeup removers and you badly need to wipe off the makeup, remember a perfectly good substitute sits in your shower stall! Pour some conditioner to a cotton ball or washcloth and gently wash away the day. Just give your face a quick rinse and you are good to go! Plus, it softens your skin too! Yay!

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A Handy Shaving Cream

Running out of your shaving cream and need a quick fix? Forgo all of this trouble by using the available bottle of hair conditioner instead. Just squirt some into your hand, work it into your skin, and continue with your regular shaving routine. No more dry skin for you!

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Smoothen shave-irritated legs

After you shave your legs, they may feel rough and irritated. Rub on hair conditioner; it acts as a lotion and can soothe the hurt away! Ohh yes, it works so fine!

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Detangle hair knots

Instead of taking a brush and ripping your hair out while you try to get rid of the knot, apply some conditioner! Add conditioner and water to a spray bottle (about 1:9, conditioner to water). Shake until mixed. Spritz and use a comb to gently work the tangles out from your roots down.

Manage frizzies

If you have flyaways or static, rub a drop of conditioner between your hands and work it into your hair. This technique can also help you avoid frizzy hair in humid weather.

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Soften cuticles

If you think of giving yourself a homemade manicure, or if flaky skin is drying out your cuticles, use a conditioner as a cream. Some cuticle creams can be really greasy, but conditioner will make pushing them down a smooth process!

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Instant moisture to your bath water

A squeeze of conditioner in your bath works like bath oil, moisturizing dry skin and keeping it soft. If you don’t have essential oils, you can use a little amount of hair conditioner in the bathwater to soften your skin and combat those dry skin days!

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Foot Treatment

Not just hair, the conditioner can soften your legs too! Tired of dry and cracked feet? Get ready for a mini at-home-pedicure while you coat your feet in the conditioner and let it work overnight. You will wake up feeling so much better.

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One Product, Many Uses: Hair conditioners can surely do more than just softening your hair. It can come to your rescue for a lot of other skincare problems too. So remember, be it a self-care session or mini-foot spa or that instant makeup hack, a little bit of hair conditioner can aid a lot of your skin woes!

Next time you need a quick beauty fix, see if conditioner can help you do the trick. You may be surprised!