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Article: Diwali Home Decor - Kimirica Style

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Diwali Home Decor - Kimirica Style

If you are done with your annual Diwali cleaning and have finally decided to restyle your cozy spaces, we have something perfect for you! Revamp your space this Diwali the 2020 way with Kimirica!

Candles that elevate the mood!

Handpoured Soy Candles

2020 has been a roller coaster and with the pandemic dampening our travel plans we have all been losing it! This Diwali experience the smells of your favorite destinations at your home!

Party, beach, and vibrant city life!

Miami Breeze Soy Candle

If you miss those city vibes and nightlife, Miami Breeze is the candle for you!

A delicate whiff of a floral surprise that creates the warmest of welcomes with its enticing aroma. This mesmerizing soy candle comes with a musky base that uplifts and unwinds the air of sophistication to any ambiance you would like to tickle with feelings of vibrancy, gaiety, romance, and happiness.

Ocean air and salty hair!

Oceanic Soy Candle!

Missing the sound of coastal bliss! Dive into the ocean of mesmerizing tropical vibe with Oceanic Soy Candle!

An ocean of soothing Lavender along with tropical citrus flowing through the sensuous warmth of musk at its base. This soy candle has an inviting aroma and a radiant glow, which will create a pleasant and uplifting ambiance for you and your guests to relax by!

Gardens, blooms, and scenic beauty!

Gardenia Soy Candle

If you miss the majestic gardens of Copenhagen or the scenic beauty of the Netherlands, dwell in the mesmerizing Gardenia Soy Candle! A whimsical bouquet of pretty blooms brings the scent of the outdoors inside your home. The peppy fragrance with a radiant glow would be ideal enlightenment you’d like to invoke with feelings of joy, zeal, and happiness.

What is 2020 without hand wash and hand care?

2020 Diwali has to be all about hygiene!

With that in mind, explore the quintessential hand care duo that not only keeps you clean and safe but also revamps your sink corners and uplift your spaces!

Sophisticated and elegant!

Bouquet Hand Care Duo

Infused with the notes of romantic Rose and sophisticated Frangipani this chic and elegant Bouquet hand care duo comes with a metal caddy that just gives your wash area a lift and makes your hand care regime fun for you and your guests!

Cheerful and Vibrant!

How Holiday Smells Hand Care Duo

Infused with the notes of delightful White Gardenia, How Holiday Smells Hand Care Duo comes with a wooden caddy to match the style of your sink and add a touch of bliss to your hand care regime!

Cozy and comfy!

Winter Amber Hand Care Duo

Infused with the exotic notes of Mandarin and Cinnamon, Winter Amber Hand Care Duo comes with a wooden caddy that goes with your sink and adds a touch of cheer and sophistication to your hand care regime!

Style your homes the 2020 way!

Kimirica wishes a safe, beautiful, and joyous Diwali!