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Article: This one for the cops!

This one for the cops!

This one for the cops!

Most of us are safe at home, lying on our comfortable mattresses and binge-watching shows. While there are some people risking their lives to keep the country calm and safe.

We are proud and grateful for the frontline workers of the nation working fearlessly in these crucial times

One of the teams working really hard as always is the city police, they are standing on every nook and corner in the scorching heat or heavy rains to keep us protected and safe.

Kimirica decided to help these brave-hearted people as a gesture of gratitude for their services. Since these are the people who are at high risk of coming in contact with COVID carriers we distributed sanitizers that are made of 80% alcohol meaning they are 100% effective.

Health Care by Kimirica

We distributed hand sanitizers to the city police and to the quarantine centers of the city.

We are all set to extend our help to the health care workers and other frontline workers too.

Natural Care by Kimirica

With our industry expertise, we have successfully converted our plant for the production of hand sanitizers. Since the country has a high demand for hand sanitizers we are striving hard to make sanitizers available across the nation.

We are on a mission to spread healthy hands.

We strive to flatten the curve and extend our support wherever possible.

Thank You City Police!