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For most of us its the first time working from home, and we are sure that you must be facing some real challenges like your kids making funny noises while you are on a conference call or your siblings bothering you while you are presenting something or just the smell of your favorite dish distracting you from all that!

We asked our boss lady for some tips and we must say we were impressed!

1) Set a schedule

I’m sure the first half of your morning goes with helping in the house, and that may be tiresome. But after all your house duties take your breakfast, shower up and start with your work on a fixed time.

Skin Care

2) Don’t start your workday in PJ’s

Wear something that doesn’t give you a lazy vibe or reminds you of your bed. Wearing specific clothes tends to uplift your moods and can help in increasing productivity.

Remember how uplifted you felt when you wore your favorite outfit to work?

3) Assign a workplace

Having a fixed spot for work at home makes you stay focused and clear. Working on the sofa one day and on the bed, the other decreases your productivity, and also brings lethargy.

Assign a permanent table and chair for your work to avoid neck and back problems.

Avoid working in living rooms or noisy rooms of your house as it may hamper the quality of the work and your output, choose a silent and calm place.


4) Make to-do lists

Be clear with your job role for the day and jot down the tasks on a paper, as you finish the task one after the other cross them off, this gives a sense of confidence and increases the speed of your work giving you lots of free time at home.

Care Yourself

5) Set work hours and breaks

Stick to specific working hours to avoid the work frustration, some people are workaholics and may fail to give time to their loved ones. Don’t let your loved one feel your absence despite your presence at home take short breaks and relax your mind have meals together plan your breaks and be fresh and happy when you get back to your work.

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6) Check-in with your colleagues/team

Check on your teammates, keep them updated with your work, maintain a healthy relation with them, coordinate work efficiently amongst each other and avoid duplication of work.

Be empathetic and kind to your colleagues, as some might not be in a good place.

A little act of kindness can uplift theirs and your mood!

7) Use common apps and software

Use uniform apps and software amongst the team to avoid misunderstandings. Be clear and formal when sending messages and emails. Keep a clear worksheet of tasks assigned and completed.

8) Exercise & Avoid Binging on Food

Quarantine has made us extra sluggish and dull, exercise and stretch regularly, keep your body and mind active by giving it a break, stay hydrated and eat healthy food as health is the most important asset in these tough times.

Some Fun by Kimirica

Take Care and work well

P.S.: Don’t forget to have some fun while working!