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Article: Kimirica Stands With The Nation

Kimirica Stands With The Nation

Kimirica Stands With The Nation

Kimirica group is one of the leading hotel amenities producers in the country. You have probably used one or the other brands of Kimirica group during your hotel stay without realizing it.

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Kimirica’s vision and philanthropy have made its place in most of your favorite hotels and is now set to win hearts by converting their manufacturing facilities for the production of the need of the hour hand sanitizers!

Kimirica’s industry expertise and skills along with the assistance and support of CII, have successfully produced more than 1600 letters of sanitizers and made around 9900+ bottles that have been donated in the major affected cities of Madhya Pradesh.

They have also extended help and support to the quarantine centers by providing 1000+ vanity care kits. Along with which they have donated hand sanitizers to the frontline workers and healthcare providers.

Kimirica Products

Kimirica has left no stones unturned and has decided to produce 3 million units of hand sanitizers to be distributed across the nation this month. They are using all the available packaging materials ensuring that there is no hurdle in the nation’s fight against COVID19.

Kimirica strives to help fight COVID19 in all the ways possible and pledge to flatten the curve.


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