Summer Skincare Guide By Kimirica

Summer, what a love-hate relationship we have with this season: love for sunshine & blooming flowers & hate for the skincare challenges. With rising temperatures & blazing heat, we all know how harsh summers can be for our skin’s health.

So, much like your wardrobe, your skincare routine too needs an upgrade. Which is why, it’s important that you don't neglect the need to take a look at your daily skincare.

Let us help you with some tips & tricks you can follow to get through the season:


Give an energizing start to your day by taking a refreshing bath every morning. And while doing this, you can pick an energizing shower gel to lather up as this helps you beat the heat & keeps you feeling fresh, cool & lively all day long.

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KIMIRICA’s Pick: Uplift your summer bath time with Persian Sweet Lime infused Earth Shower Gel.


During summer you sweat a lot & the scalp becomes dirty. So you may want to wash it frequently. Thus, we recommend you opt for hair care products that are mild, gentle & reviving to remove the built-up.

Hair Care Combo

KIMIRICA’s Pick: Deep cleanse and nourish your tresses with Aloe & Green Apple infused Five Elements Hair Care Duo.


Skin needs moisturization in summer too. So, use an easy-to-absorb, lightweight & non-sticky body lotion with a refreshing fragrance to nourish skin & prevent clogging of pores.

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KIMIRICA’s Pick: Hydrate your skin with Lemon & Grapefruit infused refreshing Pharmacopia Citrus Body Lotion.


Even in summer, our hands need care & nourishment. We advise you to use a hand cream made with nourishing ingredients that has lightweight, smooth texture & gets absorbed quickly. This seals in moisture & helps to keep hands & cuticles soft & moisturized.

Hand Cream Combo for Women

KIMIRICA’s Pick: Hydrate your hands with our aromatic Tucuma Butter & Vitamin E rich hand creams. They are perfect for summers.

Don't let changing weather leave you in worry about your skin and hair. Stay hydrated inside & out, and do your skincare wisely.

Here’s wishing a refreshing summer to you & your skin.