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Article: Here’s how you can shop anxiety-free for all your self-care essentials in these testing times!

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Here’s how you can shop anxiety-free for all your self-care essentials in these testing times!

As the world endures one of the most uncertain times in recent history, it’s now more important than ever to take good care of your body & mind. From school cancellations to store closures to just general uncertainty about life, everyone is trying to sail through these tough times. Part of what makes it daunting is how, even for those of us lucky enough to be healthy and safe, many daily routines have completely changed. There are all kinds of things we took for granted before that we now realise we have to pay extra close attention to.One such thing: receiving deliveries.

Well, we know self-care shopping is a must for your everyday life but the anxiety of your items being contaminated scares you! Right? Worry not! We’ve rounded up your go-to-guide with safety steps you can follow to ensure a safe unboxing experience to fulfill all your bath and body care needs !

Here’s how you can ensure safety when things are delivered to your house :

Step 1 - Get hold of the parcel but don't open it immediately!

Yes, it's tempting to unbox a delivery pronto, but we recommend you to wait for a day if you don’t need these items urgently. Keep it in a safe place for the next 24 hours; you can use any glove/wipe while doing this to practice safety in every way you can.


Step 2: Wake up smiling the next day; & now take off that shrink wrap with care.

The wait is over! Hurry, go get rid of that outer packaging. If you can, we advise you to disinfect your package and take off that shrink wrap carefully.

Step 3: Go, look for a closed bin and dump off the wrap.

Now that you are done with taking off the packaging, don’t forget to discard the wrap into a closed bin immediately.

Step 4: Almost there! Now, wash your gentle hands with soap & water.

Hand Wash

Yes, give your hands a thorough 20 second cleanse and you know it why. Definitely, do not touch your face before that.

Step 5: Hurray! It's done. Feel free to unbox your favorites now!

Go Go Go! Get hold of your bath and body care essentials and indulge in all the care that you have been longing for !

Let us all come out of this stronger, wiser and more human! Don’t forget to practice self-care and pay ample attention to your mental health. #TogetherInThis

Here’s wishing you good health and happy skin for your days to come!