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Article: Squalane 101: Everything You Need To Know

Squalane Oil

Squalane 101: Everything You Need To Know

Squalane might sound new to your ears but your skin is pretty much familiar with it. Squalene is a natural oil that exists in your epidermis.

Squalane or Squalene?

Before moving further let's understand these two terms better!


Squalene is a moisturizing emollient found naturally in Humans, Olives, Rice Bran, Sugarcane, and Shark Livers. In humans, it is present in sebum, which hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. But with age, its natural production starts decreasing. So it becomes important to find topical ways to add Squalene to your body for maintaining the hydration and health.

To serve the purpose, SQUALANE comes into action!

Squalene is said to be too unstable to be used in a skincare product because when exposed to the environment, it gets oxidized easily. To use it on the skin through an external source, it has to be hydrogenated.

Squalane Oil

The hydrogenated form of squalene is called SQUALANE.

Squalane is a stable form of ‘squalene’ and has a longer shelf life which means it can be used in skincare. It is a hydrogenated substance that mimics the natural oil of the body. The molecular structure of the Squalane is so close to the skin’s own, that it penetrates deep to provide hydration at a cellular level. While providing superior hydration, the lightweight texture and non-comedogenic nature of the oil makes it a perfect moisturizer suitable for all skin types, even oily and sensitive too.

Now that you know what is Squalane and how does it works, it's time to introduce you to a better and intensified version of it!

Natural Squalane Oil


Born after 10+ years of research excellence, it is a 100% Plant-based Botanical Hydrator For Face, Body And Hair.

Here’s everything you should know about it:


Derived from Olives, Kimirica Squalane Oil is 100% natural, and an organic skincare product. It's a groundbreaking skin elixir produced consciously by the pressing of Olives. This Botanical mega hydrator is bioidentical to the natural oils that our skin produces. It boosts hydration and improves skin at the cellular level, mimicking the skin’s natural sebum.


70% lighter than other oils, Kimirica Squalane Oil absorbs quickly locking in the essential moisture. This oil without an oily texture leaves skin remarkably soft and plump, and doesn’t clog your pores. For convenient use, it can also be mixed into any moisturizer or body lotion. It's an excellent alternative if other oils are too heavy for your skin.

Pure Squalane Oil


  • Anti-inflammatory

    Reduces redness, swelling, and also aids in many other skin inflammatory problems.

  • Antioxidant

    Neutralizes damage caused by UV rays and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by fighting free radicals.

  • Non-comedogenic

    Dermatologically tested and can be used by any skin type in any season as it won't clog the pores.

Organic Squalane Oil


The miraculous Squalane Oil has abundant benefits for face, body, and hair. From skin to the scalp, it works wonders while providing intense hydration.

Squalane for skin-care:

  • Instantly absorbs and locks in essential moisture.
  • Provides intense hydration.
  • Leaves the skin soft and plump.
  • Neautralizes damage caused by UV light.
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Squalane for hair-care:

  • Forms protective film on the surface of the hair fibre.
  • Provides intense hydration.
  • Moisturizes the scalp.
  • Makes hair glossy and shiny.
  • Tames flyaways, split ends, and frizz.
Buy Squalane Oil Online

That's not enough, Kimirica Squalane Oil goes beyond and can also be used as:

  • An everyday makeup primer.
  • An added ingredient to any moisturizer or body lotion for intense hydration.
  • Nail and cuticle care, essential to prevent dryness.
  • An overnight recovery oil.

Kimirica Squalane Oil is a one-in-all essential that can be easily incorporated into your existing skincare and haircare regime.

Add it to your shelves now!