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Article: Are You Getting Your Beauty Sleep?


Are You Getting Your Beauty Sleep?

Are you one of those who struggle to fall asleep even after going to bed? You are not alone. Sleep deprivation has become one of the emerging global issues these days. While the effects of insomnia on weight, mental health, and immune inadequacy are well-known, the effects of lack of sleep on skin and appearance are relatively less understood. Sleeplessness is linked to a decline in skin health. Your skin heals from the environmental damage it has been exposed to throughout the day while you are asleep. As a result, getting enough sleep is critical.

If you're having trouble sleeping, try the following 5 suggestions.


When we talk about meditating it doesn’t mean you have to get up and practice 'breathe in, breathe out' on your bed. But you can give a break to your overthinking mind simply by listening to some light music which can help you get into a calm state leading to good and peaceful sleep.

Meditate for Relaxation

Work out

Tired muscles help get the best sleep. Yes, that’s true! When you get into bed after a vigorous workout session in the gym or a day loaded with physical activities, you'll find that your eyes close instinctively. With a sigh of relief, you’ll drift off to sleep in a matter of minutes. Therefore, any sort of physical activity is beneficial not just to your health but also to a comfortable and serene night's sleep.

Work out for Health

A good warm shower

When you go to sleep, your body prefers to stay cold and relaxed. Showering in the evening is considered a natural way to end the day by many individuals. This practice may have an impact on your body temperature and certainly, your sleep quality.

In addition to this, our Bath Salts, containing Epsom salt and calming notes can help you relax tight muscles and relieve stress, anxiety while you enjoy your relaxing pre-shower soak. 

Bath Care Products

Consider your sleeping environment

Imagine yourself in a cool, dimly lit room with fresh linens, a warm blanket, and a light nightgown. Sounds amazing right? When all of these variables are present, no one can avoid falling asleep. Because your sleeping environment has such a big impact on the quality of your sleep, it's crucial to think about it.

Natural Sleep

Soothing aromas

There's nothing more sensorial than soothing aromas to change your mindset. Try to surround yourself with calming fragrances like Lavender, Night Blooming Jasmine and other such enticing fragrances that are calming to induce sleep. When your mind is quiet, nothing can keep you from sleeping peacefully. You can do this by lighting fragrant candles in your room or simply adding delicately scented body lotions to your night time skincare routine. Whether you prefer a fruity or floral scent, our Body Lotions and Hand Creams have everything for you. 

Organic Plant Based Products

A good night's sleep has a variety of scientifically proven benefits, ranging from healthier skin to a happier mindset. If you're one of the many people who suffer from insomnia or sleep anxiety, don't despair. Try incorporating some of the suggestions above into your everyday night or evening routine to improve your sleep regime and get some beauty rest.