Ever wondered why choosing the right sanitizer is important?

All of us have been rigorously applying sanitizers since the pandemic, but have you ever wondered how harmful the untested sanitizers can be to your skin?

Many of us have felt our skin to be dehydrated after sanitizing because of the harsh concentrated alcohol content or have been left with extremely greasy and sticky hands because of the wrong formulations!

Keeping this in mind we have curated skin-friendly sanitizers that suit your skin and your mood! Kimirica Hand Cleansing Gels are enriched with nourishing ingredients and skin-friendly formula that has long-term skin benefits!

Hand Gel Organic Skin Care Combo

Not just this, the extra neutral alcohol is food grade and of premium quality which thoroughly cleanses and doesn’t dehydrate your skin!

Peachy, warm, sunny, sweet, exotic, tropical, or whatever the mood is! We have the perfect sanitizer for your skin and mood. The exciting range of colorful and vibrant hand cleansing gels uplift your mood and make hand cleaning feel like a party after every use.

Hand Cleansing Gel by Kimirica

Nourish while you cleanse with the exciting range of Kimirica hand cleansing gel!