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Article: The Winter Body Care Special

The Winter Body Care Special

The Winter Body Care Special

5 Amazing Natural Ingredients That You Should Add To Your Winter-worthy Skincare Regime!

Beauties, we can't keep calm cause winter has officially arrived! Ohh Yes! Furry sweaters, cozy snuggles, warm boots, and hot chocolates have become your go-to again and it's chilly and magical all at once! But what about the winter-skin dryness that tags along??? Fret not! We got your back. :) Read on!

We know your love for the cold season & hate for the skin woes that come uncalled for! But don't worry about a thing cause we will tell you how you can flaunt your beautiful skin by following a healthy-winter self-care routine. 

Ready to take on winters the KIMIRICA way?

Skin-smoothing Shea butter: A powerful emollient with rich moisture-retaining properties, shea butter is hands down a wonder ingredient that softens and soothes dry hair and chapped winter-skin. Packed with vitamins & fatty acids, shea butter not only moisturizes your skin but its anti-inflammatory & healing properties soothes dry skin...well, it's just what you need for these oh-so-drying chilly days!

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Rejuvenating Argan Oil: With the cold weather giving you a skin that feels a little too dry or requires something more to look bright and healthy, we suggest adding an Argan Oil infused product to your skincare regimen to combat dryness. Rich in skin-softening properties that are power-packed with vitamins and minerals, Argan oil works simply like a magical potion to provide hydration to your skin and hair in winter! Happy Skin Days rolling :) Yay!

Rejuvenating Argan Oil

Reviving Olive Oil: Your skin ought to turn dry, chapped, and flaky, thanks to the winter season that robs off the natural moisture from your skin. Hence, rich in antioxidants with skin-soothing properties, we recommend you to use Kimirica’s Olive oil infused skincare that rescues you from winter-skincare worries and works wonderfully to heal dry skin by providing a boost of nourishment & moisturization.

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Skin-nourisher Vitamin E: A powerful emollient that makes a great way to moisturize dry skin while maintaining your skin’s oil balance, Vitamin E surely is a winter rockstar ingredient that you should include in your body care regime right away. Not just this, talking about its benefits for hair, this wonder Vitamin prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and ultimately provides an extra boost of moisture to dull and dry hair during winters.

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Soothing Aloe: Rich in skin soothing properties, aloe vera in winters can make a barrier between the harsh winter air and you, protecting the skin from getting dry and getting chapped. Thus, ranging from reviving shower gels to pampering body lotions, cozy bath crystals, and more. You can choose from a wide range of KIMIRICA’s bath and body care products that can help your winter skin look radiant, supple, and glowing from top-to-toe!

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Don't let changing weather leave you in worry about your skin and hair! Be wise and Say NO to Dryness and YES to Happy skin Days with KIMIRICA….cause lovelies it's cold outside!

We wish you a happy snuggle season ahead...also loads of self-care and self-love of course!