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Vihana sat down to create a new skin care regime for herself, this time determined to not stop until she finds that perfect combination of products that will be the answer to all her daily routine problems; this time, resolute to not get frustrated and leave it halfway!

Is this something you can relate to? We have all been here and faced this issue at one point of time or other. Lack of honest information on products has many a times stopped us from making an informed purchase. We are aware of that and hence make sure all Kimirica products have clear detailed description of the ingredients, all are paraben & phthalates free and made from 100% vegan natural ingredients.

Vegan Skin Care products

On this World Consumer Rights Day, we want to share with you some important tips you need to take care of while purchasing any bath & beauty product:


Always read the quantity of the product and look at the volume metrics being used on the label; this will ensure you are not duped by the images specially while making an online purchase. Kimirica provides the volume details of the products in both milliliter (ml) and ounces (oz) to make your decision-making process a lot convenient.
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Look if the product has a clear batch number on its label, the batch number is a unique number assigned for every batch of product made. Kimirica uses batch numbers that can be easily identified by the users.
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Check the ‘best before date’ or the ‘expiry date’ of the product so that the product is healthy and safe for you. Kimirica clearly mentions its best before date and the manufacturing date.
Safty by Kimirica


Bathing and beauty products have a defined life period after opening, this shows how much shelf life your product has once opened. Kimirica shows it in clear format on their labels.


Products have instructions for storage to keep you and your products safe. Kimirica has defined the storage warnings for all the products to make you, the user aware.


Clearly defined purpose of the product should be mentioned on the product so that the user doesn’t get confused and inadvertently harmed by the same. Kimirica curates various products which have pre-defined purpose,we make the purpose of the product clear with a legible font.


Ingredients used in beauty products are like Latin to the uninitiated, certain harmful chemicals may get consumed by due to this indifference. While purchasing your favourite products make sure there are no harmful chemicals used and most importantly, check the volume of the chemicals. Kimirica is a safe product which is made with 0% paraben and 100% vegan materials.

We hope the next time you go bath &beauty care shopping you will remember to look for these and make smart, green and safe choices.

Happy World Consumers Rights Day!

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