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Article: A Complete Guide For The Best Skin Care Routine On Holi 2022


A Complete Guide For The Best Skin Care Routine On Holi 2022

Holi is just around the corner and we know you are all set to immerse yourself in the world of colors. Yes, we understand your LOVE for colors and HATE for the SKIN-DAMAGE! Though it's a fun festival to celebrate, yet, it takes a toll on your skin. But worry not! We've rounded up the best post-Holi skincare routine you need to follow to make sure your skin remains soft and supple. Come, let’s find out!

WASH YOUR HAIR:  When we say that you are going to expose your skin to colors, dust, sun, heat and what not, you know it’s true! of course, your hair is going to take a hit and getting rid of those colors will be a task for you. Pour some life in your hair with our shampoos by picking one from our special Hair Care Range, lather up to treat your hair and scalp to the much-needed detox with Aloe Vera and Paraben-free care.


Quick Tip: Don't forget to oil your hair before you step out, this provides a layer of protection from the Holi damage!

CONDITION THEM RIGHT: So, now that you're already done with rinsing off those colors from your hair, let’s give your tresses an extra dose of treatment to lock that moisture in place. After you shampoo, follow-up with one of the conditioners from our range of deeply nourishing Conditioners to soften, smoothen and repair your Holi-damaged hair. Yes...they will be your perfect shower BFF’s for the next few days to come.

Conditioner Online

Take A Note: Keeping the conditioner in for 10 minutes or more would help your hair strands to regain the softer touch.

CLEANSE YOUR SKIN: Am sure no one likes to go back to work looking all pink and weird – Take hold of one of our shower gels and scrub that Martian look right off. Our cleansing Shower Gel collection will see you through this while being gentle to your skin. Being paraben-free, you know it will be just the right thing to use to thoroughly cleanse yourself.

Bath & Shower Gel

P.S.: Using lukewarm water while bathing can help you get rid of the colors fast.

MOISTURISE IT WELL: ‘Color Me Happy’ is tune of the day on Holi but let’s make sure ‘Moisturize Me Good’ is what we sing to for the next few days! Right after your cleansing bath, apply a Body Lotion from our collection and relax to let your skin soak in the goodness that will make your skin sing with joy.

Body Lotion

Quick Tip- Don't forget to apply sunscreen before you step out!


So, now that you are done with cleansing and moisturizing, it’s time to pamper your hands, since they need it the most! Our hands get the most exposure to Holi colors and it would be best to have one of our hand creams handy. Apply them whenever you feel the dryness creeping back in. They are made with Tucuma Butter, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Vitamin E and Almond Oil which will ensure that you have the best possible care for your hands. 

Hand Cream Combo

Take A Note: Pre-Holi, don’t forget to layer your nails with a thick coat of nail paint to save them from the Holi madness!


Don’t let the fear of harsh chemicals and breakouts stop you from enjoying Holi! Just be wise, shop from the range of Kimirica's bath-time Holi Essentials and you are ready to seize the day! 

Here’s wishing you a safe and Happy Holi filled with immense joy and love!

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