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Article: Ultimate Guide to Sun Protection

Sun Protection

Ultimate Guide to Sun Protection

Quick Question: which is the foremost source of Vitamin - D?

Yes, it's the Sun. We all are well-versed with how the sun is a power packed source of Vitamin D. But the catch is, what makes it a source of Vitamin D? Well, It's the UV Rays. The light emitted by the sun is composed of Ultra Violet (UV) Rays. These rays penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and stimulate production of Vitamin D, an essential element for calcium absorption which in turn strengthens your bones.

But here’s a little sign of alert!

The countless hours we spend in the sun leads to overexposure of UV rays followed by sunburn or sun damage. Over a prolonged period, it also leads to premature ageing and is a major cause of skin cancer as well. Fret no more because we are here with some thoughtful ways you can adapt to protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV rays.

1. Eat healthy:

Diet is an often overlooked part when it comes to protection. But here's a list of food items that give you nutrition as well as protection all year long:

  • Blueberries: The king of antioxidants, Blueberries help to neutralize free radicals emitted by the sun and may help prevent premature ageing and skin cancer.
  • Carrots and leafy greens: Rich source of Beta Carotene, these antioxidant-rich supplements are also a popular source of Vitamin A.
  • Watermelon: All of us know how watermelon with its rich water content keeps us hydrated. But do we know that its cherry red colour comes from lycopene, an antioxidant? Shielding you from the damaging effects of the sun, these antioxidants neutralize free radicals emitted by the sun.
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2. Keep yourself hydrated:

Hydration is the key! Keeping in mind the benefits of water for the body as well as the skin, drinking 10-12 glasses of water each day is a must.

Pure Water

Revitalize your diet with the nutritious benefits of Coconut Water, Buttermilk or Sugarcane Juice.

3. Accessorize yourself:

Something that each of us is fond of - styling and accessorizing. With exposure to sun, comes the leverage of wearing sunglasses and hats.

Sunglass for UV Protection

Use a brimmed hat that can cover your face, ears as well as neck from sun rays. Sunglasses with UV Protection can also aid in keeping your eyes safe from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

4. Wear sunscreen:

Here comes the super saviour - SUNSCREEN! Not just sun protection, sunscreens also help to prevent premature ageing and skin cancer. But, the catch is not many people know the primary things that they should look for when buying a sunscreen. Well, in that case, we’ve got you covered.

Introduce yourself to the key player - Everyday Glow Sunscreen with SPF 50+, PA+++ & organic UV Filters for multi-protection. It's here to offer you protection stronger than the sun!


Allow us to walk you through with its multiple benefits:

  • Broad Spectrum Protection: Power-packed with 4 organic UV Filters, with a triple action formula, it absorbs, reflects and scatters UVA and UVB Rays.
  • PA+++: Offers the highest grade of UVA protection which reduces the appearance of signs of ageing.
  • SPF 50+: SPF 50+ protection blocks 98% of UVB ‘burning’ rays from penetrating your skin and half of the radiations that an SPF 30 would allow through.
  • Excellent Photostability & long-lasting protection: Offers excellent light protection against harmful UV rays for a longer duration with superior photostability.
Face Cream for Natural Glow

As we said, there are many…

Let us bring to your attention the most convincing reason that makes our sunscreen exceptional:


  • Raspberry Seed Oil: Helps stimulate collagen production, and contains a natural SPF of 28-40 which absorbs the harmful UV rays and provides protection from sunburn.
  • Carrot Extract: Helps in fending skin damage from free radicals caused by sun rays. Additionally, it contains a natural SPF of 38-40 which provides protection from sunburns.
  • Liquorice Root Extract: Helps diminish dark spots and evens out the skin tone. Also, boosts our skin’s defence against UV rays by making a protective shield.

With SPF inside out you can now glide in the sun with full protection.

Add our everyday glow Sunscreen to your skin care regime now and glide in the sun without worries!

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