Try at-home Hair mask!

Brr....monsoon is rolling, what a love-hate relationship we have with this season! Yes, love for the refreshing showers and hate for the hair care challenges! With these nowhere to go and no one to meet kinda days, we know you’re at home, snuggled in bed and admiring the view from your window; but what about the FRIZZY HAIR DAYS that you are dealing with? The lockdown is no excuse for neglecting your hair! While it's understandable that during these trying times you may not be able to go out for spa sessions at parlour, but you know what? You can still pamper your hair with stuff you have lying around in your home!

Kimirica brings to you an easy-peasy DIY hair mask to take care of all your hair woes making sure your hair remains clean and healthy through the rains. Read on:


1/4 cup Olive Oil: Being a rich emollient, olive oil helps in conditioning your locks, improving the quality of dull hair and preventing breakage! It works to make your hair softer and stronger!


1/2 cup of enriching conditioner: With deep nourishing properties, a conditioner when applied to your hair tames frizzes, moisturises dull and damaged locks and strengthens the hair shaft!

Earth Shampoo Kimirica

PS:, We recommend you to try using one from our vegan range of conditioners free from sulphates and parabens perfect for your gentle hair!


  1. Mash up olive oil and conditioner in a bowl, making sure there are absolutely no lumps.
  2. Mix it up, and give it a good whisk! And then... it's ready to do the magic!
  3. Slather this deep conditioning hair mask to your scalp, covering it all the way from the roots to the tips.
  4. Allow your hair to truly relish it for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Now, take a quick cleanse hair wash with lukewarm water, detangle and tadaaa...happy hair just for you!

P.S: Do wear an old tshirt; and put on some good music to double the fun!

Happy hair, happier you! So, treat your locks with the care they deserve while you pamper them with this easy DIY Hair Spa with at-home ingredients! Trust us, once you learn this, you don't need to go to a parlour anymore! ;)