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Article: Skincare Guide: What Goes Inside Your Skincare Products?

skin care

Skincare Guide: What Goes Inside Your Skincare Products?

Having a glowing skin is not just a result of genes! Healthy diet, 

sufficient sleep, drinking enough water all of these things enhance your skin inside out and contribute to an overall healthy, radiant appearance. But, you know what’s the icing on the cake? Hands down, it’s having a proper skincare regime, one that is easy, 

doable and can be followed regularly. It not just keeps your skin in check but also acts as a shield against environmental toxins, soothes, repairs skin and gives a youthful glow. 

Natural Glow Products

To have a perfect skincare regime, one that suits your skin it is very important to understand the basic steps of skincare and what goes inside your skin care products, meaning the ingredients. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the nasties that you should always 

avoid in your skin care regime:  







Chemical-based ingredients 

The list of nasties is endless but what might serve you best is plant-powered goodness! With 10+ years of research excellence and study of over 200+  ingredients, we bring to you a comprehensive skin care regime that is powered by the goodness of plants and backed by modern science. 

First things first, the steps to a quick and basic routine are: 

  1. Cleanse  
  2. Treat  
  3. Moisturize 
  4. Protect  

Let's begin! 


Start your routine with cleansing.It not only washes away the harmful particles but also reveals a fresh layer of skin for the next set of products to penetrate better. 

Skin Care Products

Prefer a face wash that: 

- Gently exfoliates and cleanses without harsh chemicals. 

- Does not strip off skin’s natural oils.  

- Is paraben and sulphate free.  

- Is derived from Plant based Ingredients to give you a natural glow.  

Familiarize yourself with our new-in plant powered face washes ideally curated for a daily cleansing routine. 

Face Wash

Derived from natural ingredients, our plant-based Brightening and Hydrating Face Wash is no barrier. 

Want to know why our face wash is the best? Here are some of its botanical benefits you wouldn't want to miss: 

- Formulated with plant-based AHAs derived from Australian Caviar Lime,  it provides you a gentle skin exfoliation 

- The Organic Vetiver Extract works like magic leading to a youthful and  brightened appearance. 

- The Liquorice Extract reduces the formation of excess melanin.  

- Brown Rice Extract aids to strengthening the skin barrier.  

Combined effects of these ingredients unveil a hydrated, brighter and even toned skin complexion with each wash. This sulphate free face wash removes dead skin cells and protects it from urban stress giving you a clear and supple feel. 

Does oily and acne-prone skin concern you? Fret not because we have something specially made for you. 

Oil Control Face Wash

Introducing you to our Purifying Oil Control Face Wash - With sebum regulating and oil control properties, this face wash prevents breakouts and acne for completely smooth and purified skin. 

Need some convincing? Allow us to walk you through its multiple botanical benefits - 

- The Lemon Myrtle Extract rebalances sebum concentration.  

- Amla Extract with its powerful antioxidant properties purifies and cleanses  your skin.  

- Brown Rice Extract retains moisture and strengthens the skin barrier.  - The combined effects of the blend of Green Tea Extract and Rosemary  Extracts help to eliminate dead skin, dirt and black heads. 

Curated for your acne prone skin, this face wash helps against formation of acne and breakouts. It cleanses and purifies skin, gives a luminous look without stripping off the natural oils.  


Treat- the first question that would possibly click your mind is ‘Why and how?’. Collagen - a natural skin protein, helps the skin to renew and repair old cells making it soft and smooth. However as you age, levels of natural collagen level decrease leading to loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Skin Rejuvenating Serum

To keep the smoothness intact, all you need to do is add up collagen boosting formulas to your skin care routine.  

We recommend you to use our Skin Rejuvenating Serum  With triple action collagen boosting formula, this plant powered serum boosts tissue renewal and increases skin firmness. Additionally, it minimizes fine lines and deep wrinkles. 


One step, multiple benefits - prevents dryness, soothes sensitive skin, gives you a natural radiance instantly, aids in keeping essential nutrients of products beneath it intact. Exactly the reasons why applying moisturizer is a step you can't miss. 

PRO TIP : Look for a sulphate-free face moisturizer to maintain the health of your skin.  

Moisturizer Skin

Bringing forward to you, the Golden Jojoba Oil. Perfectly fitting in as a lightweight moisturizer, this versatile oil promotes collagen production, increases skin firmness and elasticity. 

Quick question - Do you also think oils increase chances of acne? 

Jojoba Oil

Here’s something you must know - The Golden Jojoba Oil is non comedogenic oil (it does not clog your pores) which means less chances of acne and pimples. 

What are you waiting for? Add it up to your skin care regime now!  


You don't want the UV rays to damage your glowing skin. Do you? All of us are well versed with how overexposure to UV rays leads to sunburn, sun  damage, etc. In the long run, it aids in premature ageing and at the worst may cause skin cancer.  

Gentle Reminder - In or Out, Shine or Freeze - Sunscreen is a requisite! With SPF 50+ and PA+++ protection, our Everyday Multi Protection 


Sunscreen is a must have. It keeps you protected from UVA + UVB rays and the blue light emitted by electronic gadgets. And to boost up the  game, it is made with ingredients that have natural SPF for a harmless protection. 

Enter into a guilt-free indulgence with our vegan self care essentials and give your skin the treat it deserves with plant-powered goodness.