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Be it to unwind after a long day or to set the mood for a romantic date, to pamper your loved ones this Diwali with the gift of light, or to add an accent piece to your home decor this festive season, candles are the essentials that can lift up your mood and spruce up your space instantly. Imagine turning off the lights and just tuning into the flickering of the candle flame, as it dances around in a lively rhythm. 

Candles are way more than what meets the eye; from finding the perfect aroma to match your vibe to choosing the right colors to match your interiors, there is a little something to look forward to with every 

luxury candle. The main question is, how do you make the right decision about buying candles, and what are the right candle etiquettes? If you are unsure, here’s help. This guide covers all bases to help you make the right choice. 

Soy wax Candle Set

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Scented Candles 

There are 5 criteria that can help you choose the perfect candle. 


Just like perfumes, fragrance plays a key role in candles as well. Scented candles have three levels: the top, middle and base notes. The top note consists of the fragrance. The middle note is the core, while the base note is dominant and tends to develop over time.  

Scented Candle

If you love aromatic candles, there are many options to choose from. Ideally, this choice depends upon your personal preferences; you can select a few options that please your olfactory senses to the tee.  

A few typical fragrance notes include fresh, fruity, floral, oriental, and woody options. Our Candle Works collection has four exquisite fragrances: Majestic Jasmine, Vanilla Breeze, Ocean Vibes, and Floral Passion, which has been thoughtfully crafted by their olfactory experts with a focus on creating a welcoming ambiance to fit seamlessly into any home.  

  1. WAX TYPE: 

Given the paradigm shift in consumer awareness, there is a massive shift from animal-derived products to plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan products. As people become aware of the available alternative sources, there is an ongoing demand for soy-based, vegan candles, devoid of animal by-products.  

scented candles

But why should you consider these alternate versions when paraffin wax candles are readily available? For starters, soy wax candles are environment friendly; they are 100% natural and considered to be a sustainable resource. Plant-based scented candles are easy to procure, and have a better shelf life. Additionally, such candles don’t contain toxic materials, release less soot into the air, and even burn slower.  

The best fact about soy candles is that they burn slower than others. Through this process, your scented candles release fragrance slowly, thereby making your candles last longer. Plant-based scented candles don’t release the entire scent in one go; since they burn slower, there is a gradual release, which adds to the essence of your candle’s authenticity.  


Scented candles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the hour's need. When selecting an ideal form, you might want to look at where these are to be placed. You can choose from the  following shapes and sizes:  

Jar Candle 

Tea lights 



Soy candle

Each variety is different from the other and can be combined with other types, to complement your decor. For example, people tend to keep tea lights in fountains and water urns. To take this arrangement up a notch, you can add them in clusters and let the candles do the talking. 

One thing to keep in mind is the spill factor. Candles that are in form of pillar and taper often end up spilling and spoiling the surface  they are kept on. The downside of using paraffin candles is that they  are hard to clean, whereas soy wax can be easily wiped off. Opt for  candles that have handpoured wax and come encased in jars. 


More often than not, people tend to buy scented candles that don’t just smell heavenly but accentuate the decor also. Candles like the Candle Works collection, come with chic packaging. For example, scented candles by Candle Works come in an amber jar that can be reused as an accent piece. The candles are encased in a luxurious box decorated with an intricate pattern, and a tastefully designed lid that doubles up as a coaster. This packaging retains the candles’ look and feel while preserving their aesthetic value. You can display these candles within their decorative packaging, without taking them out of the boxes.  

Best Soy Wax Candle

  1. WICK: 

The wick is an integral part of your favorite candle. The wick sizes vary as per the size of the candle, which determines the amount of wax burnt. An ideal wick size prevents the candle from burning out too quickly or slowly.

Soy wax Candle online

Look for plant-based scented candles that don’t have a lead-core wick. Lead-based wick tends to release toxic debris and soot into the air, which makes it an unhealthy choice.  

Always opt for natural wicks that are made of fibers like cotton and are unbleached, like Candle Works so there is no unwanted debris or toxic chemicals in the air. 

Soy wax candle

Candle Etiquettes: 

Now that you’ve found the perfect candle, you might wonder if there’s a right way to use it. It isn’t as easy as lighting it. To get the best out of your scented candles, here are a few candle etiquettes that you should follow:  

Scented Candles online

  1. You should never leave your candles unattended; avoid keeping them out of children’s reach.  
  1. Allow the candle(s) to burn to avoid tunneling until the entire surface melts. This increases the burn time of the candle. An ideal candle should have a burn time of 18-32 hours. 
  1. For best results, trim your candle wicks (up to 6mm), to achieve a clean burn. 
  1. To avoid wick mushrooming, avoid burning a candle for more than 4 hours. 
  1. If your candle is releasing black smoke, snuff the flame, trim the wick, and relight it.  

Why Choose Kimirica’s Plant-Based, Vegan-Scented Candles? 

Our Luxury plant-based candles are 100% natural and environmentally friendly. Candle Works by Kimirica’s soy wax candles have a better shelf life and burn longer. Additionally, these candles don’t contain toxic materials and release less soot into the air. Our range of aromatic luxury candles is ideal for homeowners looking to add a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance to their homes.