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Article: Practises You Can Adopt To Save Mother Earth

Practises You Can Adopt To Save Mother Earth

Practises You Can Adopt To Save Mother Earth

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

- Wendell Berry, novelist

We live in a symbiotic relationship with mother nature. It is our home, our sanctuary, our caretaker. In fact, our life is actually intricately intertwined with Earth’s well-being and it is our responsibility to show love, care and deep respect towards her.

Paying homage to the elements that serve us, we have created our collection Five Elements that features two of the most important elements- Fire (Ignis) and Land (Earth). The Earth collection being the most exuberant, caring, and nurturing- it simply is a personification of mother Earth into a self-care range that cares for you and the world around you!

To mark our respect and care for mother Earth with the onset of Earth week, we have created a rundown of important things that each of us should inculcate in our lives as non-negotiables because taking care of our planet is not just an act, it is a necessity in today’s times!

The Three Rs- Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

Reduce means minimizing the amount of waste we generate.

Reuse means to use something more than once rather than simply throwing it away. And, recycle means putting something to an alternative use.

These three Rs alone can help individuals, associations, organizations and conglomerates in reducing their carbon footprint. Not just this, they can also help in reducing the amount of waste and pollution we create.

Eco Friendly

Pro-tip for beginners: Pick the products that have recyclable or eco-friendly packaging, that creates less waste, and are made with ingredients that don’t harm the environment.

Adopt Sustainable Practises For A Better Tomorrow

Sustainability in today’s times is not about doing less harm, it is about doing more good than harm. To have a sustainable lifestyle, adopt practices that benefit you and the world around you.

100% Vegan Products

At Kimirica, our goal has always been to create a more sustainable ecosystem. Which is why we started initiatives like ‘Procure within 100’. Meaning, all our raw materials, packaging materials, ingredients and other important imports will happen within 100 kms of our manufacturing plant. This not just ensures employment and growth opportunities for people in and around our headquarters but also ensured that we lessen our carbon footprint. We have adopted a more sustainable way of doing business by incorporating sustainable packaging.

Care For The Environment And The World Around You

Caring for the world we live in has been one of the guiding forces since our inception. Be it launching cruelty-free skincare or having vegan products, our ethical way of living life has further been ingrained into the way we do business today.

Skin Care Combo

We have 100% vegan products that are never tested on animals and we manufacture paraben-free soaps, hand lotions, hand washes, shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower gel, and much more so that our customers can enjoy a guilt-free, harm-free self-care indulgence. Additionally, our bathing bars are handcrafted to perfecting and are packed with so much love, care.

Saving & Conserving The Energy For Our Future Generations

We manufacture, innovate, and formulate our products in-house. There are no external resources put to use and hence we can always implement initiatives that are more conservation and eco-friendly.

Nature friendly

Small acts like planting trees, conserving water, following transit by walking or public transport once in a while, switching to LEDs, eating sustainable food, trying composting, saving electricity, avoiding the use of paper, quitting smoking and saying no to firecrackers can ALL have a huge impact on saving and conserving the energy on the planet. We might not realize but our small acts can cause a ripple effect. Every little gesture, every little step- no matter how small it is can lead to a profound change over time. We are all connected and our steps today will ensure a safe, secure, and eco-friendly future for the coming generations.

Taking care of our planet starts with us and it starts TODAY.