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Article: International Men’s Day Special: Enhance Your Self Care Experience With Kimirica

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International Men’s Day Special: Enhance Your Self Care Experience With Kimirica

To all the men out there: We understand your struggle. Long working hours, family time, relationships, etc., etc. It sounds hectic and tiring.

But, imagine yourself coming home after a tiresome and stressful day, and then you are welcomed with an at-home-spa service. Feeling relaxed already? You should.

Take some time out of your busy schedule to relax, recharge, and shift the focus back onto you, because at the end of the day self-care leads to a happier life.

Kimirica has got you covered with self-care products that will provide you with a spa-like experience.

1. Shower Gels and Creme Baths that you’ll crave for after an intense workout session:

Bath & Body Care Combo for Skin Glow

After an intense workout, who wouldn't appreciate a nice shower? Nobody! Kimirica provides a broad choice of shower gels and crème baths that can be added to your bath care routine to provide you with the greatest refreshment. With their invigorating scents and gentle texture, they will be an excellent option to satisfy your need for a long and relaxing shower.

You can look for: Ignis Shower Gel, The French Note Shower Gel, Tropical Forest Creme Bath, Sugar Coconut Creme Bath, and many more.

2. Bath Salts to relax your stressed muscles:

Bath Salt Combo Online

A wide range of scrubs and exfoliators are now available for men, making achieving healthy skin easier than ever.

With Kimirica bath salts, you don’t have to worry about exfoliation or stressed muscles anymore. The skin-softening formula made with Epsom salt cleanses skin, uplifts mood, eases sore muscles & lets you feel de-stressed.

That’s not all; the cherry on top is- Kimirica bath salts come in a variety of refreshing fragrances, like- Lavender, Frangipani, etc., that will help calm your senses and ease your mood.

3. Body Lotions to fill your skin with moisture and nourishment:

Body Lotion for Soft Skin

You put effort into the rest of your grooming routine—hair, beard, OOTD, and so on—but now it's time to give your skin the TLC it deserves.

Dry skin isn't shy about letting you know it's there, especially in the fall and winter. So rather than succumbing to those gritty patches that feel and appear like a nightmare, it's time to intervene with some top-notch body lotions. Shop Kimrica body lotions enriched with nourishing plant extracts for that moisturised skin.


Kimirica as a brand ensures that your mundane lifestyle is spiced up with excitement, pleasure, and delight. We've bottled up fragrances that will take you on a rejuvenating self-care journey. In addition, we thoughtfully curate products that are suitable for all skin types and gender.

If you are a woman reading this and willing to pamper your man on this International Men’s Day, then we have some amazing gift boxes that you can try. If your man is particular about fragrances and ingredients, you may customise his package according to his preferences with Kimirica’s BYOB (build your own box) option.

On this International Men’s Day, here’s a shoutout to all the men out there who are taking care of themselves:

You are doing great by thinking of self-care as an investment in yourself!

Happy International Men’s Day!