How Holiday Smells Hand Wash

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30% OFF

Winter Amber Hand Wash

RS. 452 MRP. 645
30% OFF

How Holiday Smells Hand Soap Refill Pack

RS. 699 MRP. 999
30% OFF

Winter Amber Hand Soap Refill Pack

RS. 699 MRP. 999
30% OFF

The Gulistan Hand Wash

RS. 690 MRP. 985
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Bouquet Hand Soap 500 ML

RS. 592 MRP. 845
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hand soap liquid pouchhand soap refill pack

Bouquet Hand Soap Refill Pack

RS. 839 MRP. 1,199
30% OFF
hand soap liqiuidgentle hand soap

Bouquet Hand Soap 270 ML

RS. 322 MRP. 460
30% OFF

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How are Kimirica hand washes different?
Our luxurious hand washes are designed to uplift your hand care experience. They are made with naturally-derived ingredients, thoughtfully curated for all skin types to provide your hands with the care they deserve.

Do you test your products on animals?
No. Just like you, we're animal lovers. We ensure that our furry friends are safe, we're a 100% cruelty-free brand.

Any recommendations for a hand wash with floral fragrances?
Yes, one of our best sellers: Kimirica Bouquet Hand Soap is highly recommended for those who are fond of floral fragrances. Experience the delightful notes of Frangipani and Roses while you cleanse and nourish your hands with this hand wash.
The easy to pour refill allows you to fill the jar twice so that you can enjoy the experience for a long time!

What benefits can I expect from Kimirica hand washes?
Our hand washes cleanse, nourish, and deeply moisturize your hardworking hands after every wash. Also, they are available in a wide range of beautiful fragrances that leave you feeling fresh.

Do you have hand wash refills?
Yes, we have got you covered. Our hand washes have their own easy-to-pour refills. Explore our refills here-
Kimirica Bouquet Hand Soap Refill Pack
Kimirica How Holiday Smells Hand Soap Refill Pack
Kimirica Winter Amber Hand Soap Refill Pack