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Article: The Winter Buddies For Your Skin

Cream bath

The Winter Buddies For Your Skin

Brr… Cold days, what a love-hate relationship we have with this season, the love for ultimate coziness and hate for the skincare challenges! Honestly, the cold, slush, and humid winds take a toll on our skin. Harsh as the weather may be, there’s no reason your skin should be bullied into feeling uncomfortable!
And to make our lives easier, Kimirica brings to you an exclusive collection of Cream Bath especially curated to make your winter skin smooth, supple and ultimately happy!
Creme Bath
Pure Cream Bath
With the winter savior Acai Oil, the most sought after Vitamin E & the much needed Pro-Vitamin B5, this cutest little collection is going to be your winter hero! Let’s sneak in and find out what’s perfect for you!
Calla Lily Cream Bath
To feel fresh and smell amazing all day long, pick the Calla Lily Cream Bath, which leaves you with the energizing notes of Apple Blossoms leading its way to the floral heart of the beautiful Calla Lilies.
To have that sweet delectable aroma around you, wrap yourself with the delightful notes of vanilla beans, sugar coconut and cedar by choosing the Cozy Vanilla Cream Bath, which will not just nourish you, but also leave you smelling delicious.
 Bath Cream
For a woody, earthy and warm embrace, get the Christmas Pine Cream Bath inspired by the scent of Pine Forest in the winter sun, the essence of pine needles, bay leaf and accentuated spicy notes making you feel rejuvenated, recharged and revived.
 Cream Bath Online
To make an exotic statement select the Hazel Cinnamon Cream Bath with spicy and musky fragrance which unfolds with the base of soft vanilla while sandalwood accords freshness to enlighten your day and brighten up your senses.
 Natural Cream Bath
For a zestful day, go with the Periwinkle Cream Bath which comes with an aromatic fusion of winter-blooming floral notes that will make you reminisce a bouquet of irises, periwinkles, lilies and violets.
Directions to Use 
Choose from the five little winter Cream Bath buddies to keep your skin nourished, smooth and happy from head to toe. Just pour a generous amount onto a wet loofah or wet palm and lather all over your body. Rinse it, use a soft towel to pat dry and you are good to go.
Apply Pharmacopia Argan Oil Body Lotion to complete your skincare regime.
So Say No to Dryness and Yes to Beautiful Skin!
Adored with a muffler and a cozy hat, these Cream Baths not only look super duper cute but are also infused with the richness of Acai Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E, becoming your perfect winter add on to the everyday bath regime!
There are only limited pieces available - Grab them before they go!
Vegan Cream Bath
Here’s to happy skin all winter long!


  • Versatility and Effectiveness
  • Natural Derivation
  • Clarification of Squalane vs= Squalene
  • Popularity and Recognition
  • Scientific Efficacy