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Article: Self-care essentials to warm your heart this winter

Self-care essentials to warm your heart this winter

Self-care essentials to warm your heart this winter

The season of snuggles is finally here!

Winters are all about showering love and affection on those you adore. Whether it's the late-night bonfires or just doldrums on a couch with hot chocolate, it all adds up to the true essence of winter. This season also necessitates paying special attention to your self-care routine. In this season, it's essential to keep your skin hydrated & healthy.

To help you relish the wintertime, we've curated a list of soothing self-care products. These winter self-care essentials will surely keep your hearts warm with joy. So embrace the season with open arms because we’ve got you covered. Wanna know more? Then read further…

1. Ultra-Nourishing Body Lotions:

When it comes to self-care basics, a body lotion can be your greatest friend. Lotions that nourish your skin without leaving a greasy residue are the best.

Body Lotion

With hydrating ingredients like white tea extracts, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and shea butter, our body lotions ensure that you glide through the winter like a pro.

2. Hydrating Hand Creams:

Talking about winters, it’s essential to give your hands little extra care and love. Protecting them from harshness caused by dehydration is important.

Hand Cream Combo

We can help you in that with our hand creams. They are enriched with tucuma butter, shea butter & fortified with antioxidant properties vitamin E to keep your hands soft & supple.

3. Moisturizing Hand Lotions:

With winter in full swing, it's more important to keep your hands moisturized. What better way to moisturize your hands than with a nourishing, long-lasting hand lotion?

Hand Lotion

Our hand lotions are packed with enriching ingredients like tucuma butter, shea butter, and vitamin E. They will surely make your skincare regime more fulfilling & delightful.

4. Head to Toe Argan Oil Range:

When it comes to winter self-care, argan oil is the go-to ingredient. You can incorporate this nourishing ingredient for your head-to-toe self-care routine with our Pharmacopia collection.

Winter Care Products

Our argan oil range is the perfect blend of healing & moisturizing argan oil with the hydrating properties of aloe vera. This range is a great way to pamper yourself during winters.

5. Exfoliating Bath Salts:

Take your self-care regime one step ahead and indulge yourself with the goodness of Epsom salt in our bath salts.

Bath Salt Combo

Made with ingredients like aloe vera, & white tea extract, these bath salts give your skin an exfoliated, soft & soothing feel after a tiring day at work.

We wish you a flourishing & blissful winter season. Keep the winter spirits high & let your body radiate the love from within.