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Article: Pamper Your Special Someone With These Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts

Pamper Your Special Someone With These Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts

Pamper Your Special Someone With These Thoughtful Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s Day is here. But have you prepared for the special day yet? Amidst all the chaos and busy schedules, we often forget to take some time out and celebrate the presence of a special someone that makes our life truly beautiful.

Take a moment to plan and do something beautiful this Valentine’s Day. Express your love for your partner with a thoughtful gift and show them how truly special they are to you.

When it comes to gifting, you can’t go wrong with luxurious self-care essentials. They are a daily reminder of your love and care and a delightful way to pamper someone you love. Allow us to take you through our favorite self-care essentials that we are sure your partner will adore.


Advanced Brightening Set

Skin Care Combo


If your partner wants healthy and glowing skin but can only spare a few minutes every day, then this gift set is for them. The products in our Advanced Brightening Set are potent, premium formulas filled with the goodness of plant-powered ingredients. 

This is a 3-step skincare ritual that leaves the skin visibly brightened and revitalized. It includes a face wash, a skin radiance face serum, and a face cream that will help them cleanse, treat, and moisturize their skin without spending loads of time. 

Additionally, you can add our super-effective ‘Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50+’ to protect their skin from the damaging UVA + UVB rays, and also the blue light emitted by electronic gadgets; and the best part is - it does not leave any white cast. 


Love Story Scented Candle

Bath Care Combo

A truly beautiful gift for any occasion, a luxurious candle is an ideal gift for Valentine’s day. A scented treat to set the mood right and fill the air with love and romance - this hand-poured candle burns clean and uplifts the aesthetics of your home with its stylish design.

Our love story scented candle has a captivating fragrance, is made of natural soy wax, and makes one of the best valentines day gifts for him or her.


Love Story Bath Care Duo

Bath Care Combo Online

A refreshing, relaxing, and moisturizing bathing experience—now who doesn’t love that?

With this pair from our Love Story Collection, you can add some passion and warmth to your partner’s bathing routine. Born from a desire to create romance, this duo is infused with the intoxicating scent of Arabian jasmine, coupled with the spicy notes of gardenia. 


The duo includes a luxurious bubble bath and a soothing bath salt. Both products in this love story bath care set contain premium, plant-powered ingredients to ensure an exceptional bathing experience. 


A cleansing & nourishing bath experience with the bubble bath, or a relaxed bathing affair with bath salt - whatever the choice, this duo will definitely help your partner unwind after a long, tiring day.


Personalised Gifting

Valentines Day Gift

We have put a lot of thoughtful care into curating luxurious gift sets to melt your partner’s heart, but no one knows them better than you. That’s why our personalised gifting option allows you to mix and match to create a unique gift that you know they will adore.    

  • First, choose your gift box’s design, and then add their favorite self-care essentials. 
  • Next, add a few minis for some adorable extra pampering.
  • Lastly, add a gorgeous card and your own heartfelt message. 

What’s more romantic than a partner who understands what you love? Add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift with the personalized gifting option for a truly romantic Valentine’s celebration. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to express your love for your partner, and let them know how much they mean to you by giving them a thoughtful gift–a gift that will not only make them feel pampered and special, but will also add positivity to their life. Show your love and care with our beautiful gifts this Valentine’s Day.


You can also visit our Valentine’s Store to explore more options, and get a unique gift that your special someone will love.