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Article: Made for Dad: Thoughtful Gifts to Make Father’s Day More Special

Made for Dad: Thoughtful Gifts to Make Father’s Day More Special

Made for Dad: Thoughtful Gifts to Make Father’s Day More Special

Their love knows no bounds, their care surpasses mere words. It is the little things that our fathers do for us every day, in a thousand unsaid ways. While showering us with tremendous care and silently making countless sacrifices, they often forget what it feels like to care for themselves. As Father’s Day draws near, it is time to express the love we feel for our dads every single day. This season let’s translate our emotions into an exquisite self-care experience for our dads and remind them of their precious place in our lives as they indulge in some self-pampering amidst their hustling routine.

This Father’s Day make a profound gesture by gifting him some self-care that recognises his importance and nurtures his physical and emotional well-being. By encouraging your dad to prioritise self-care, show him that his happiness and contentment matter too. Express your gratitude and love in a meaningful way by presenting your dad with thoughtful self-care gifts that care for him everyday

My Father Gift Set

Our father’s love for us isn’t always words – it is reflected in thoughtful gestures, profound care, and the comfort of just knowing that no matter what, he’s always got our back. My Father Gift Set by Kimirica mirrors this idea and is wrapped in love and luxury to give your dad the ideal getaway from the city rush, to the serene landscapes of France. Inside the box is a perfect self-care paradise, the soothing notes of French Lavender, with its premium, vegan formulations that make an ideal self-care ritual for your dad. From the rejuvenating body wash and soap bar to the nurturing body lotion, each product will be a relaxing retreat for him. The exquisite packaging acts like a crowning glory, mirroring his magnificence and exceptional presence in your life. With a personalised note and a polaroid memory with your dad, this gift will vividly portray your bond with your dad, and savour it for the memories ahead.

Customise Your Own Gift

Our dad is the unsung hero of our life. Just like he always deciphers what we desire, without us even mentioning it, only we know what he will truly love the best! This Father’s Day, express your affection with a coveted, unique gift box for him. Tell him what he means to you, and remind him of your everlasting care, as he indulges in his body care rituals with our nurturing formulations. Add a personal flair to your gift with ‘My Father’ sleeve that offers the perfect finishing touch. Curate a personalised gift box with premium self-care essentials, wrap it in our elegant sleeve, and include a heartfelt note. It’s a memorable way to show your dad just how much he means to you, making this Father’s Day truly unforgettable.

French Note Indulgence Set

Our dads deserve moments of tranquility and relaxation, where they can momentarily escape the daily stresses of life. The French Note Collection by Kimirica offers the perfect retreat, immersing your dad in the luxurious fragrance of French lavender. From invigorating body wash to soothing body lotion and revitalising lavender buds, each product indulges his senses, creating a serene oasis of calm. Inspired by the French philosophy of ‘L’Art de Vivre,’ this collection invites fathers to pause and enjoy the moment with our luxurious bath essentials. Infused with the relaxing aroma of authentic French lavender, and enriched with soothing Aloe Vera and nourishing Almond Oil, the French Note Collection embodies the essence of French sophistication and self-care. This elegant gift is a heartfelt gesture, reminding him to take time out for himself amidst the chaos of daily life and embrace moments of serenity.

It’s important for our dads to prioritize their self-care every day. This Father’s Day, let your gestures count! Let your dad revel in the joy of some self-pampering and care. Envelop your gratitude and fondness with Kimirica’s thoughtfully curated range of self-care products, and express your momentous affection and care in ways words can never suffice.
Let’s celebrate our fathers every day!


  • Made for Dad Exclusive Gift Set
  • Customize your Own Gift
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