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Article: Indulge in Spa-Like Serenity at Home with Kimirica's Luxurious Self-Care Essentials

Self Care

Indulge in Spa-Like Serenity at Home with Kimirica's Luxurious Self-Care Essentials

In the chaos of our modern lives, self-care often becomes a neglected luxury. Be it the rush to beat the traffic or the hustle to meet deadlines, the neverending chores on our tasklist or keeping up with our social lives, we often fall short of time for our self-care needs. I recently came across a viral trend on TikTok, known as the 'Everything Shower,' that inspired me to take some time out for myself, to unwind from my hectic and stressful schedule. The experience transported me to a realm of absolute indulgence. Embracing the 'Everything Shower' trend was my way of reconnecting with myself and cultivating self-love.

What is the trend about?


For the unversed, the ‘Everything Shower’ trend is all about taking your usual shower routine and transforming it into a full self-pampering, at-home spa routine. If you’re feeling sceptical, I was too when I saw the trend, but after giving it a try, I have to admit, it really was an enlightening self-care experience. And if you think you don’t have the products to make it work, I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than you think. I  used my favourite self-care essentials by Kimirica to ensure a luxurious experience. Check out my experience and take some inspiration for your own self-pampering routine. With just a few well-chosen products, you could be relaxing with your own Spa Sunday this weekend! 

The Pre-Shower Ritual


First, I set the stage for a relaxing experience by lighting my favourite Ocean Vibes scented candle. The scent in the air was more than just a fragrance; it was like a comforting embrace. Before the shower, I started with a nourishing Hair Mask that I created by combining Kimirica's Argan Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. I used this mask to give my hair some much-needed respite from damage caused by pollution and humidity.

Skincare for Women

Next, to kickstart my pre-shower self-pampering journey, I incorporated a luxurious foot soak using Kimirica's Gulistan bath salt infused with essential oils. A generous handful of this bath salt sprinkled into warm water created an instant oasis of relaxation for my tired feet. Did you know your soaking feet for just 15-20 minutes can improve your mood, energy levels, aches and pains, and even sleep? With the beautiful fragrance from the bath salt enveloping me, I could feel the week’s stress melting away.

Skincare Online

After relaxing my whole body with the foot soak, I gave myself a full body massage with Kimirica Fairtrade Coconut Oil. Giving myself a massage was a true act of self-love. A rich and soothing experience for my skin, it helped promote blood circulation and deep moisturization. I opted for this pre-shower massage not just for the physical benefits but for the mental escape it provided. The act of self-care had already begun, even before I set foot in the shower.

A Tranquil Shower

Body Scrub

Looking forward to an indulgent experience, I stepped into the cascading warmth of the shower. I started with one of my favourite Kimirica products, the Rice Powder Body Scrub, a gentle yet highly effective exfoliator. Unlike other scrubs, this scrub had a creamy consistency that made it easy to spread and the fine grains tenderly buffed my skin, leaving it soft and invigorated. For my face, I used Kimirica's Hydrating + Brightening Face Wash. It gently cleansed my skin and left it feeling nourished.

 Shower Gel

Next came the heart of the 'Everything Shower' experience – Kimirica's range of shower essentials. I often find myself torn between the sensuous Love Story Shower Gel and the flirtatious Pink Carribean Clouds Sulphate Free Shower Gel. I ended up choosing the Pink Carribean Shower Gel. It left my skin silky smooth and refreshed, its rich lather gently cleansed my skin, leaving behind a mild yet enchanting fragrance.

Shampoo for Women

I moved on to my hair care routine with Kimirica's Pharmacopia Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. These products added an extra layer of indulgence to my shower routine. The shampoo, with its gel-like texture, lathered easily and cleansed my scalp without stripping away its natural moisture. The conditioner's rich formula infused with Argan Oil and Marshmallow Extract strengthened and deeply conditioned hair leaving it soft & smooth with a lustrous and healthy look. My hair felt not just clean but pampered too.

Post-Shower Bliss

Soft Skin

With the shower's warmth still lingering, I continued my indulgence with Kimirica's post-shower essentials. I used the Squalane Botanical Hydrator as a serum for my tresses. While the Squalane Oil left my hair silky and nourished, the Madagascar Vanilla Silicone-free Body Lotion cocooned my skin in irresistible softness.

Skincare Combo for Women

Since I have combination and sensitive skin, I used Kimirica's recently launched Skin Clarifying regime. The Skin Clarifying Serum illuminated my complexion, and its hydrating properties made it a perfect addition to my post-shower ritual. I followed it up with Squalane-infused  Brightening + Hydrating face cream that wasn't just a moisturizer; it was a nourishing hug for my skin. Its velvety texture glided on effortlessly, and got absorbed instantly without feeling oily. Together, these products left my skin glowing, and the rejuvenation I felt was both inside and out.

Under Eye Serum

The under-eye serum was the next in my facial routine. It was a delicate gesture of self-care, as I gently applied it around my eyes. The skin around the eyes is often neglected, but this serum gave it the attention it deserved. My eyes felt refreshed, and any hint of fatigue seemed to fade away.


And to complete my skincare routine, I never leave the house without protecting my skin from the sun's rays. Kimirica's sunscreen has always been a reliable companion. It shields my skin from harm while maintaining its natural radiance. It was the last step in my 'Everything Shower' routine, and it gave me the confidence that my skin is protected and ready to feel at its best.

An Authentic Journey into Self-Care

Glowing Skin for Women

In the end, my 'Everything Shower' journey with Kimirica's self-care essentials wasn't just about products. It was a seamless and impactful experience that transformed a normal routine into a much-needed, relaxing act of self-care. Each step, from pre-shower rituals to shower essentials and post-shower indulgence created a tapestry of self-care that nurtured my body and ultimately, my mood and spirit. I felt relaxed and refreshed, extremely well-pampered, and dare I say it? Ready to take on the next week. With Kimirica the indulgence wasn't forced; it was a natural progression that unfolded with each product, each aroma, and each touch.

 Skin Glow for Women

For those of you like me who feel tired, stressed, and so often frustrated, perhaps the best thing we can do is move against the hustle and slow down. At least for a day. Or a shower.  Embrace the 'Everything Shower' trend and let Kimirica's luxurious self-care essentials weave their magic into your daily routine. Rediscover the profound benefits of radiant skin, a revitalised spirit, and the renewing power of self-love.