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Article: Don't Let Holi Harm Your Skin Or Hair: Pre and Post Celebration Skin & Hair Care Tips


Don't Let Holi Harm Your Skin Or Hair: Pre and Post Celebration Skin & Hair Care Tips

Holi is a jubilant celebration, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. It's a time when colorful gulaal fills the sky, creating a carnival of love, friendship, and affection. Amidst the festivities, we often indulge in painting each other's faces with bright hues, but it's important to be aware of the harmful effects of synthetic Holi colors on our skin. These colors are typically mixed with dangerous chemicals such as copper sulfate, lead oxide, and mercury sulfate that can cause discomfort and irritation to the eyes, hair, and skin. Allergic reactions, redness, and dryness are common side effects, with the possibility of acne breakouts and pimples. Worse yet, they can lead to eye allergies, blindness, skin irritation, and even skin cancer. Although using organic colors may mitigate some of these issues, they can still cause dryness and flakiness. Therefore, it's crucial to take precautions and follow these pre and post-Holi skincare and haircare tips to shield your skin from harm:

holi skin care tips


  1. Oil your hair - Preparing your hair for Holi? Consider oiling your hair with 100% natural Fairtrade Coconut Oil, derived from organically farmed coconuts. The oil creates a protective layer that reduces the likelihood of colors sticking to your hair and scalp, making color removal much easier. Apply the oil from scalp to tip for optimal results. Additionally, braiding or tying your hair in a bun can help prevent colors from penetrating the inner layers of your hair. Take care of your hair with this righteous pre-Holi haircare essential!

    coconut oil

    1. Use botanical oils on face - Just as oiling your hair is crucial, so is protecting your face. Botanical oils create a barrier that shields the skin from direct exposure to harmful chemicals or sunlight, reduces color absorption, and provides hydration and nourishment. They can also aid in preventing acne breakouts caused by these chemicals. To achieve these benefits, Kimirica's Golden Jojoba Oil is an ideal choice. This lightweight and versatile oil is excellent for hydrating and moisturizing the skin, as well as preventing breakouts.

      jojoba oil
    1.  Don’t skip sunscreen: Sunscreen is a must-have for Holi festivities, which often take place outdoors under harsh sunlight. Exposure to UV rays can cause tanning or redness, which can be prevented by applying sunscreen. To shield your skin from harmful rays, Kimirica's Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50+ with Multi Protection is an excellent choice. With SPF 50+ and PA+++, this sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays. It also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by sun tanning and evens out skin tone over time.

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    1. Keep your skin hydrated: Maintaining skin hydration is a vital component of any pre-Holi routine. To achieve optimal hydration, consider massaging your body with body yogurt. This helps to create a protective barrier that reduces the absorption of colors into the skin.

    post holi skin care tips


    After being drenched in Holi colors, it's essential to pamper and rehydrate the skin. In addition to protecting the skin from harmful chemicals during the festivities, it's equally important to care for the skin post-Holi. Here are a few steps to consider:

    1. Opt for a mild face wash - To avoid harming your skin, use a gentle plant-based face wash instead of harsh synthetic ones. Kimirica's Brightening + Hydrating Face Wash contains plant-based AHAs that cleanse your skin gently and remove the Holi colours. It also mildly exfoliates the skin to reveal a new layer of even-toned skin without stripping it of its natural oils. 

      face wash

      1. Use lukewarm water to bathe - Avoid hot water as it can cause rashes, irritate the skin, and solidify the colours. Instead, use lukewarm or cold water to make it easier to remove the colours from your skin.

      shower gel

      1. Try mild body scrubs for exfoliation - Choose mild exfoliants to get rid of the colours without irritating your skin. Rice Powder Body Scrub by Kimirica is an excellent choice as it gently exfoliates the skin and removes trapped pollutants and dead skin cells without stripping it of its natural moisture.

      body scrub

      1. Moisturize your skin - After taking a refreshing shower, make sure to moisturize your skin completely. Use Kimirica's Sulphate and Silicone-Free Body Lotions to retain moisture for longer hours. These lotions contain natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Nettle extract that soothe irritated skin and deeply condition it, resulting in softer and healthier skin.

      body lotion
      While Holi is a festival of colors and joy, it is important to keep in mind the potential harm that synthetic colors can cause to our skin and hair. By following these pre and post-Holi skin and hair care tips, we can protect ourselves from the harmful effects of chemicals, keep our skin hydrated and nourished, and ensure that we emerge from the festivities with glowing, healthy skin and hair. With the right care and precautions, we can enjoy the festival of colors without compromising our skin and hair health.

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