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Article: An Age-old Healing Essential: Coconut Oil For Face, Body & Hair

Coconut Oil

An Age-old Healing Essential: Coconut Oil For Face, Body & Hair

You: Mom!!! I fell down, its hurting.

You: Mom! Why do my hair feel so dry?

You: Mom! I can't wear this dress, my skin gets irritated!

You: Mom! There’s no shine in my hair, they feel so dull!

You: Mom, my skin feels extremely dry, help me!

You: Mom! A mosquito bit me!

MOM: Use Coconut Oil.

There's just one simple remedy to all of our troubles!

Being passed on from our grand mothers to our mothers and then to us, this age-old solution has never failed in doing wonders for generations.

It is a natural moisturizer rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and many nourishing qualities. Due to its antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral nature, coconut oil deeply moisturizes and hydrates sensitive to dry skin without any irritation. It's an ideal moisturizer to use on body and hair throughout the changing seasons.

Coconut Oil


The purest Coconut Oil ever.

Delivered straight from the farms to your doorstep, this 100% organic, natural and pure Coconut Oil is one of India’s first fairtrade coconut oils. Derived from the first pressing of raw organic coconuts, the oil keeps the vital nutrients and natural goodness of fresh coconuts retained to offer you the finest quality. It comes with an unique and spill-proof nozzle that provides convenient application. Designed minimally with sustainable packing the premium bottle aids the aesthetics of your space and is easy to carry around.


Because it's not just your regular Coconut Oil.

It is:

  • Fairtrade certified - Delivered straight from the farms to your doorsteps, enabling farmers & workers to have the right to trade fairly.
  • Cold-pressed - Keeps the vital nutrients and natural goodness of fresh coconuts retained.
  • Extra virgin - Stays unexposed to any harmful chemicals. Natural, and unrefined with a rich aroma of real Coconuts.
  • Organically farmed - Packs a more intense aroma of coconut. It is made without the use of genetically modified organisms, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Sustainable packaging - Our bottles are minimally designed with recyclable packaging to reduce environmental impact and ecological footprint.
  • Not put through the bleaching process.
  • More natural, gentle, and unrefined.
  • No added minerals and preservatives.
  • Has zero toxins.
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Kimirica’s organic, cold-pressed, and extra virgin Coconut Oil brings you the aromatic richness of 100% freshly harvested coconuts that are ethically sourced. Fortified with special therapeutic, moisturizing, anti-microbial, and healing properties, this versatile oil works effectively to provide the best benefits for your skin, body, and hair.

Coconut Oil Benefits For Skin

A rich source of vitamin A, E, & K, and mineral such as Iron, the antioxidizing properties of the oil helps to deeply nourish and provide prolonged hydration and moisturization to your skin. The higher amount of Lauric and Caprylic acid found in the oil aids in decreasing skin inflammation due to its rich anti-bacterial properties with anti-ageing benefits. Coconut Oil helps to hydrate dry or damaged skin and helps shield it from environmental toxins and dirt.

Reasons to love:

      1. An excellent moisturizer.
      2. Collagen booster to reduce fine lines.
      3. Protective skin barrier against environmental toxins.
      4. Prevents dry skin and skin irritation.
      5. Deeply nourishes, firms and tones the skin.
    Pure Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil Benefits For Hair

    This oil is loaded with natural Vitamins, Proteins, and Lauric Acid that nourishes your hair and soothes the scalp. It works as an excellent conditioner and can tame frizz, and repair damaged hair caused by dryness, sun and chemical damage.

    Reasons to love:

        1. Moisturizes dry scalp
        2. Keeps away dandruff
        3. Strengthens hair follicles
        4. Promotes hair growth
        5. Prevents hair fall and split-ends
      Natural Coconut Oil

      KIMIRICA COCONUT OIL is a magical, multipurpose product that can be used all over your body to nourish skin and hair. Not only does it make a great ingredient for homemade moisturizers, but it can also replace shaving cream, makeup remover, and face cleansers.

      Discover the goodness of this purest oil now!