Rs. 1,295

A delicate whiff of a floral surprise that creates the warmest of welcomes with its enticing aroma. With a musky base that uplifts and unwinds, the glowing candle adds an air of sophistication to any ambiance you would like to tickle with feelings of gaiety, romance, and happiness.

Top Notes - Violet, Green Leaf 
Heart Notes - Jasmine, Rose, Syringa
Base Notes – Musk

Net Wt. 180 g | 6.34 oz.

With a hope to inspire warmth and coziness inside your homes, all of our candles are individually hand-poured, clean-burning and non-toxic made with 100 % Soy wax.

With a soft flickering single wicked flame, each candle melts evenly and radiates fragrance that gracefully fills an entire room.

Topped with a decorative lid, it has a burning time of approximately 48 hours.



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