I Love Sunshine HAND CREAMS (PACK OF 3)

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,035

Beautifully gift-wrapped in an elegant box, the luxurious pack contains our wonderfully absorbent and nourishing hand cream in three favorite variants: Winter Amber, I Love Sunshine and Rosefield which will surely be a stirring treat for your beautiful hands. And they're travel-friendly too. 

The Pack Contains: 
1 I Love Sunshine Handcream 30ml.
1 Winter Amber Handcream 30ml. 
1 Rosefield Handcream 30ml.

I Love Sunshine – Hand Cream
Tucuma Butter and Argan Oil.
A nourishing treat for your beautiful hands, this handful of scintillating sunshine enlightens your day and sparks your senses.  

Rosefield – Hand Cream
Tucuma Butter and Argan Oil
The caring hand cream will be an aromatic saga of elegance wrapped in a fresh bouquet of romantic roses and deep musings.

Winter Amber – Hand Cream
Tucuma Butter and Argan Oil.
Kind and caring to your hardworking hands, this enriching hand cream unfolds like a slice of solitude dipped in sheer warmth of wintertime breeze and gentle chills.   

How to use: Apply generously onto clean hands as needed throughout the day.


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