Rs. 845

Five Little Winter Buddies, short and fat
Adoring a muffler with a cozy hat
Finally arrived to pamper and woo
They are Vegan, Paraben-free too!

So Say No to Dryness and Yes to Beautiful Skin! Adored with a muffler and a cozy hat, our limited edition Cream Baths not only look super duper cute but are also infused with the richness of Acai Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E, becoming a perfect winter add on to the everyday bath regime!

Set Contains

Hazel Cinnamon Cream Bath
Calla Lily Cream Bath

Single batched, fresh and limited - the exclusive collection with exciting fragrances is curated especially to make your winters happy, cozy and joyous.

There are only limited pieces available – Grab them before they go!

Net Vol: 375ml each | 12.68 fl. oz. each

How to useJust pour a generous amount onto a wet loofah or palm and lather all over your body. Rinse it, use a soft towel to pat dry and you are good to go. Apply our Pharmacopia Argan Oil Body Lotion to complete your winter skincare regime.

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