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The Perfect Wedding Gift

Inspired by timeless moments of celebration, the unique fragrance takes you on a journey to relive your best "wedding" moments.

India’s first fragrance of weddings

In the heart of every Indian wedding, a union of two hearts unfolds, echoing with laughter, revered rituals, and unforgettable memories. Capturing the very essence of these cherished moments, Kimirica has crafted India's First ‘Fragrance of Weddings.’


Indulge in a nostalgic self-care ritual as you immerse yourself with the essence of Marigold and Turmeric

Freshness of Marigold

The vibrant fragrance of Marigold, with its purity, beauty, and freshness, becomes a blossoming source of joy, infusing weddings with an invigorating sense of energy and liveliness.

Goodness of Turmeric

Unveil the radiant transformation as turmeric, steeped in tradition, imparts not just healing but a touch of elegance, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and nourished.  


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