Kimirica Bouquet Hand Care Gift set for clean and soft hands. Suitable for frequently washed hands, 100% Vegan, Paraben-freeKimirica Bouquet Hand Lotion and Hand wash Duo with the richness of Shea Butter, Almond Oil & Aloe Vera.

Kimirica Bouquet Hand Lotion and Hand Wash Caddy Set

Rs. 2,249.00 Rs. 2,499.00
You are Soaperb!You are Soaperb!

You are Soaperb!

Rs. 1,197.00 Rs. 1,330.00
Kimirica Artisan Soap Gift SetKimirica Artisan Soap Gift Set

Kimirica Artisan Soap Gift Set

Rs. 1,349.00 Rs. 1,499.00
take me to paris by kimiricatake me to paris by kimirica

Take Me To Paris!

Rs. 1,993.00 Rs. 2,215.00
Kimirica Hand Cleansing Gel CollectionKimirica Hand Cleansing Gel Collection
Sold out

Kimirica Hand Cleansing Gel Collection

Rs. 719.00 Rs. 799.00
pharmacopia citrus bathing bar by kimiricaPick Your 2 Fav Bathing Bars!

Pick Your 2 Fav Bathing Bars!

Rs. 539.00 Rs. 599.00
Wild Escape!Earth Shower Gel and body lotion with goodness of the Persian sweet lime Kimirica

Wild Escape!

Rs. 1,390.00 Rs. 1,545.00
Love Story Gift Set by KimiricaKimirica Love Story Gift Set

Kimirica Love Story Gift Set

Rs. 2,879.00 Rs. 3,199.00
hand cleansing spray collection by kimiricahand cleansing spray collection by kimirica

Kimirica Hand Cleansing Spray Collection

Rs. 809.00 Rs. 899.00
Feel Your Best Gift BoxFeel Your Best Gift Box

Feel Your Best Gift Box

Rs. 1,458.00 Rs. 1,620.00
Handcrafted Luxe Gift BoxHandcrafted Luxe Gift Box

Handcrafted Luxe Gift Box

Rs. 909.00 Rs. 1,010.00
Kimirica Love Story Soap BoxKimirica Love Story Soap Box

Kimirica Love Story Soap Box

Rs. 1,619.00 Rs. 1,799.00
Good Things For You Gift BoxGood Things For You Gift Box

Good Things For You Gift Box

Rs. 1,584.00 Rs. 1,760.00
Reignite Gift BoxReignite Gift Box

Reignite Gift Box

Rs. 1,183.00 Rs. 1,315.00
The Modern Apothecary Citrus Gift BoxThe Modern Apothecary Citrus Gift Box

The Modern Apothecary Citrus Gift Box

Rs. 1,845.00 Rs. 2,460.00
Argan & Lavender Paradise Gift BoxArgan & Lavender Paradise Gift Box

Argan & Lavender Paradise Gift Box

Rs. 1,552.00 Rs. 1,725.00
All Things Love Gift BoxAll Things Love gift set by kimirica

All Things Love Gift Box

Rs. 1,633.00 Rs. 1,815.00
Kimirica Pharmacopia Travel Bag Gift SetPharmacopia Travel Bag Gift Set by kimirica

Kimirica Pharmacopia Travel Bag Gift Set

Rs. 1,485.00 Rs. 1,650.00
Pharmacopia Citrus Tray Set! by kimiricaPharmacopia Citrus Tray Set! by kimirica

Kimirica Pharmacopia Citrus Tray Set!

Rs. 1,345.00 Rs. 1,495.00

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