Periwinkle Creme BathPeriwinkle Creme Bath

Periwinkle Creme Bath

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Tropical Forest Creme BathTropical Forest Creme Bath

Tropical Forest Creme Bath

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Calla Lily Creme BathCalla Lily Creme Bath

Calla Lily Creme Bath

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Fruit Secret Creme BathFruit Secret Creme Bath

Fruit Secret Creme Bath

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Hazel Cinnamon Creme BathHazel Cinnamon Creme Bath

Hazel Cinnamon Creme Bath

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Fresh Bamboo Creme BathFresh Bamboo Creme Bath

Fresh Bamboo Creme Bath

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While creme bath, bubble bath and shower gel are all skin cleansers, what sets these body care products apart is their consistency. As the name suggests, shower gels have a gel-like consistency to offer thorough cleansing. They are perfect for the humid weather where skin tends to feel oily and sweaty. On the other hand, creme baths have a creamy texture that cleanses and nourishes the skin while keeping it soft and supple in dry weather. Bubble baths are used to make bathtub bathing experiences more indulgent. The luxurious, foaming bubbles help you de-stress as they gently cleanse your skin.

Our Creme Baths are made with gentle formulations that are infused with Ginkgo Biloba, White Tea Extract & Pro Vitamin B5. Our 100% vegan Creme Baths gently cleanse and nourish skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Their creamy texture provides a rich lather and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

Scent layering is how you can make the fragrance of your bath products last longer. Fragrance evaporates more quickly from dry skin because it gets absorbed very easily. If you layer your fragrance, you can double down on the trail of your signature scent. We recommend following the creme bath with our body yogurts post taking a shower. You can choose the same fragrance or personalise your scent by mixing and matching the creme bath and yogurt to create your own unique fragrance.

Our Creme Bath Indulgence set is an ideal gift set for women and for men too. It comes with 5 delightful and refreshing Creme Baths. Delicious, delicate, exotic, fresh, and floral, each creamy body wash transports you on a different aromatic adventure.

Yes, our formulations are 100% vegan, paraben free, and cruelty-free for you to enjoy a safe self-care indulgence.

Unlike many synthetic actives, our natural, botanical ingredients are less likely to cause adverse effects when used on your skin. Our researchers screen and meticulously test over 500 ingredients each year in our lab and choose only the ones that are best for you. Using advanced technologies, they unravel each ingredient’s full potential to create formulas that are simply efficacious. Our products are thoughtfully curated with skin-loving ingredients for a clean personal care indulgence.

Kimirica’s Fresh Bamboo Creme Bath is infused with earthy notes of Orris Root, Wasabi and Bamboo Leaf which gently cleanse, brighten and nourish the skin without stripping off its natural oils.